“The wonderful play we have just enjoyed, based on the wisdom of Jalaluddin Rumi, should remind us that it was the Sufis - the living spirit of the Islamic tradition - who preached God's mercy, His gentleness and beauty. The Sufi texts deliver the message of 'Ihsan' or 'doing what is beautiful', the antithesis of the message of hate and intolerance spread by terrorists. I suggest that we could all, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and even atheists, return to those texts with profit and humility.” HRH Prince Charles on 'Four Mystics and a Merchant' 2002
“I am writing to thank you for asking me to host last week’s performance of ‘Hearts and Minds’ at Westminster Central Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed the production and felt that it offered a powerful insight into what it means to be Muslim in Britain today ...

... Art can be a real force for change and can provide opportunities to tackle really difficult issues. Through your work, Khayaal Theatre is facilitating these important discussions and reaching out to a wide range of people. I am really pleased that we were able to support you to do this and I wish you every success. I am particularly looking forward to seeing some of the other plays that you are currently developing!” Sadiq Khan on Hearts & Minds 2009 (formerly MP and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, now London Mayor)

“A triumph! Foot-stomping joy from beginning to end!” Tom King
“Front line stuff!” Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens
“The performance is unlike anything I have seen, a new experience.” Anon aged 14, Pontefract
“Khayaal Theatre Company is to be applauded for emphasising the progressive, humanistic and tolerant aspects of Islamic culture that are, shamefully, rarely presented in the mass media.” Tom Mellen, The Morning Star on ‘Tales from Muslim Lands’
“Khayaal remind us that the oral tradition is alive and kicking, and that these ancient stories can still show us how to live.” Lyn Gardner, the Guardian on ‘Tales from Muslim Lands’
“… These principles combine to produce a moving and humorous play …The play is careful in its approach to depicting the hearts and minds of young people: each character is complex and untypical … an imaginative response to a complex issue of pressing importance.” Dr Jenny Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Applied Drama on ‘Hearts & Minds’ in Performance in a Time of Terror, Manchester University Press 2012
“The service was very good and delivered to schedule. … It is difficult to suggest changes to Khayaal’s service. We would simply encourage them to continue with the high quality, engaging and important work that they are doing.” Nicholas Badcott, British Museum on the package of performances and drama based workshops that we contributed to the critically acclaimed Hajj Exhibition 2012.
“Thanks for showing us the human face of Islam!” Colin Hall, Head of Performing Arts, Luton Sixth Form College

Key Clients & Partners:

 Key Clients and Partners: